My totem

I'm a member of a virtual fraternity and as an exercise I was asked to create a totem. It's been a while, two years to be exact, I was re-reading it and decided to post it for no reason. Here's my totem:

My totem is the song Clair de Lune, more precisely this violin and piano duet. I chose it as my totem for a simple reason: it gives me the same feeling of melancholy that, to a lesser or greater degree, has accompanied me from a very early age, always with me.

I could say it represents my adolescence. At the beginning, the song makes me feel very melancholy, which was also the beginning of my adolescence. It started out sad and melancholy, because that's when I was forced to give up things I loved doing, like drawing. Then the violin became calmer, that's when I accepted giving up such things and calm was also my adolescence for a few years.

The violin starts to get louder and the piano accompanies it more intensely. This was the time I left school, I was locked in my room and this increased my sadness and the piano accompanying it, which seems more cheerful to me, would be the escapes with games to drown out these feelings.

From 2:50 onwards, the piano starts spacing out the notes, I'd say that's when I was forced to stop playing games because I was finding it hard to play. So, since my early teens, this melancholy has accompanied me and, although it has diminished over the last seven years, there are days when it comes on strong.

06/11/24, Tuesday 3:11PM